Déjà-vuTrading – Bridging The Gap

Are you looking to establish yourself in Europe, specifically France? Whether you are seeking to expand into the world’s fifth largest economy or just need a convenient location to retain your European passport Déjà-vuTrading can simplify what can be an arduous process and significantly reduce the financial exposure involved in embarking on such a venture.

Déjà-vu Consulting Services

What will be the result of the BREXIT negotiations with regard to the European regulatory passport? At the moment nobody knows. The British government is bullish in its view that an agreement can be reached whereby these rights can be maintained. However, from the continent there are clear warnings that the European Business passport will disappear in the event of a ‘hard’ BREXIT. Do you have contingency plans in place to protect your ability to market your company to your clients in the EU once the United Kingdom leaves?

Why choose France? Ignoring the cultural and gastronomic benefits that make it the world’s favourite tourist destination, above all it’s convenient. Hop on the Eurostar and you can be in the centre of Paris in a little over two hours.  It is also the sixth largest global economy with a highly-skilled labour force and benefits from very good infrastructure and technology.


The biggest drawback is its labour laws that are heavily weighted in the employees favour and consequently discourage companies from recruiting people. Déjà-vuTrading can allow you to receive all the benefits of being located in the centre of the European Union while minimising any eliminating the negative elements.